Welcome to the Financial Harmoney Podcast, the show where we dive deep into creating your dream life step-by-step by streamlining your financial habits, goals and mindset, and that all without compromising today’s happiness or time.

How can I level-up my personal finances to create my dream life? How can I set financial goals that don’t need me to sacrifice my current happiness time? How do I make a financial plan and make sure I don’t give up? How can I make more money AND enjoy the journey? In short, how can I create financial harmon(e)y?

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These are just some of the questions that Inge Natalie Hol, personal finance author and coach, digs into on the Financial Harmoney podcast. Inge’s speciality is breaking big things down into clear action steps that give you instant momentum to keep pushing forward in creating your dream life. If you’re ready to be inspired, live a more fulfilling life, and believe that money is only a means to something else – a happier you – then join her on this journey to living your best life!

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