#8 – 3 Modern-day Strategies to Pay Yourself First

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#8 – 3 Modern-day Strategies to Pay Yourself First


Almost a century ago, US entrepreneur George Clason wrote a highly influential and excellent book, called The Richest Man in Babylon. To this day, it is an incredibly useful and inspiring read about personal finance. Simple but effective and highly recommendable!

In his book Clason coined the phrase “Pay yourself first”, and almost 100 years later, this is still a wonderful strategy to approach your personal finances. But of course, the Financial Harmoney Podcast wouldn’t be what it is without giving it a modern-day spin by applying this principle to more than just your finances, but indeed exploring ways to help you in your journey to Financial Harmony.

After listening to this episode you’ll know:

  • What paying yourself first exactly means
  • How to apply this strategy in 5 “traditional”, i.e. purely financial ways
  • 3 Strategies to take the principle to the next level and apply it to your Financial Harmoney

This episode comes with a FREE cheat sheet with a quick overview of everything I talk about in this episode, which you can use to help you plan out how to pay yourself first and to prioritize your current and future self and savings!

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