#7 – Behind the Scenes of my Financial Harmony Dreams

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#7 – Behind the Scenes of my Financial Harmony Dreams


You’ll find that this episode of the Financial Harmoney Podcast is a little bit different than usual. In the past few episodes I have hinted at some of my passions and dreams and I thought it was about time to talk about my Financial Harmony dreams in more detail and finally get that out of the way! 🙂

This has turned into a very personal episode, and if you are interested in finding out what my dogs, me running my own company in Spain and a rescue sheep have to do with my Financial Harmony Dream, then make sure to give this episode a listen. 

I get brutally honest about some more painful parts of my journey, including feelings of jealousy and envy as well as how my past lack of knowledge about mortgages and life insurance have all helped me get to the point where I am now as a personal finance coach and author. 

I can’t say I am proud of everything that I talk about, but what’s the point of trying to pursue something if you can’t be honest about parts of your past and be aware of your own motivation to find more happiness?

So if you’re interested in finding out more about me and my Financial Harmony Dream or are looking for inspiration to carve out your own Dream or get honest about your own (past) motivation to move forward, then you might find this a valuable listen! 

If you’d rather read than listen, then you can download the transcript of this episode here

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You can also get a transcript of the episode.

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