#47 – How to Overcome Shame in 3 Steps

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#47 – How to Overcome Shame in 3 Steps


Do you ever feel ashamed about money? And I mean especially about your current financial situation, your financial habits or decisions you’ve made (or not made) in the past?

In this episode of the Financial Harmoney Podcast I talk about 3 steps you can take to feel less shame about your money.

Our financial situation is often far from what we’d like it to be. And we often experience feelings of shame and embarrassment about it. But those feelings often mean that we don’t take action or ask for help. Instead we get “stuck” in our present day reality.

Such a shame because it needn’t be like that. You can get rid of your feelings of shame ánd take action to start making a change. 

Make sure to listen to today’s episode so that you can start taking inspired action.

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