#40 – When Things Don’t Go The Way You Want

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#40 – When Things Don't Go The Way You Want


Do you ever have one of those days, weeks or just prolonged periods of time when EVERYTHING just seems to go against you? When you deal with setback after setback? (I bet you do by the way, this is merely a rhetorical question!) Isn’t it a struggle to remain motivated and optimistic during those times? 

I’ve been going through something similar recently and in this episode of the Financial Harmoney Podcast I share two of the setbacks I’ve had to deal with recently (there were a few more but I decided not to dwell on too many issues…) and how I really struggled remaining dedicated to moving on and continuing my journey to more financial success. (As what’s the point when stuff just seems to go wrong all the time, right?)

Most importantly I share 3 tips or lessons I learned from it and I know for certain you’ll find value in those lessons if you’re in a similar situation at the moment, or have in the past, or will in the future (and let’s face it: we all will experience set backs again in the future, that’s how life works at times…! 

Make sure to give the episode a listen to discover the 3 things you can do to get your motivation back 🙂

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