#36 – Do This Every Day to Fast Track Your Goals

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#36 – Do This Every Day to Fast Track Your Goals


One of my weaknesses is that I am always on the lookout for new habits that have the potential to help me experience more joy and appreciation, to create more abundance or to do good and help others more effectively or consistently. I know this might sound like a healthy enough interest, but if it was up to me I’d almost string my life together with habits. And I know that would actually defeat the purpose of creating a happier, more abundant life because it would allow for no spare time to do something spontaneous or to enjoy the moment. 

But it is safe to say that I am a bit of a sucker for habits. Luckily I’ve learned (over many many years!) to be selective and to accept that I can’t possibly do it all, no matter how amazing a new idea sounds. I might try it out, but I know there’s a limit to how many things I can actually do. 

That said, I do have a few habits that are so special and powerful that I think everybody should have a go at trying them out. Just because they are 100% worth the effort. In today’s episode of the Financial Harmoney Podcast, I am going to share one of THE most effective habits I’ve come to implement. And it’s the perfect habit if you want to hit your goals AND are open to trying out something new. Believe me, this is a habit worth putting in to your daily routine! 

After listening to this episode you’ll know:

  • The one habit I recommend you try for 1 month to help you fast track your goals
  • The 6 reasons why this habit is so powerful
  • 4 Tips on how to implement this success formula in less than 5 minutes per day
  • How it’s helped me recently to get back on track with my business ánd personal goals

And to help you get started as well as maintain your new habit for 1 month, you can download your habit tracker along with a super short summary of the key points of this episode here.

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