#35 – 10 Steps to Create Your Dream Life

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#35 – 10 Steps to Create Your Dream Life


I never used to care about money really. For years I was much more focussed on enjoying life, doing a job I loved and appreciating the many things in life that are free or cost very little.

In recent years however I’ve come to realize how exciting money can be. Not to have lots of money in the bank, but what that money can do for me and for others. That’s why I started reading, then writing and now talking about personal finance strategies. Because I want to help others create their dream life. 

Not too long ago I put together a mini guide with 10 Steps to Kickstart Your Big Dream. It’s a popular free pdf download that helps you get started on your way to making your dream come true. 

As some people prefer to listen to the steps I describe, instead of reading about them ánd because it can be a helpful refresher if you’ve downloaded that guide a while ago, in today’s episode I go through those 10 steps to creating your dream life. So that you can take action today to take the first steps on your way to a happier, more purposeful life. 

After listening to this episode you’ll know:

  • The 10 steps you can implement today to start creating your dream life
  • How to make a solid money plan to build your dream life.
  • How to keep your momentum

And if you’d like to follow along and download the original guide with these 10 steps, you can do so here.

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