#34 – 5 Things to Remember if Your Progress is Slow

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#34 – 5 Things to Remember if Your Progress is Slow


If you’re anything like me, you’ll likely feel frustration from time to time about the speed of your progress towards some of your goals. Or better: the lack of said progress. 

It’s definitely tempting to sometimes believe that by setting a goal, designing a plan and establishing some new habits, you’d be able to reach that objective within a few months, right? At least I certainly feel disappointment when I realize I STILL don’t have that big garden I talk about all the time.

Of course, when you’ve set yourself a big (and exciting!) goal, it’s normal that you don’t achieve success overnight. Part of the whole thing is also the journey towards it. But still, it’d be nice if that journey took place on the motorway and not on the sidewalk.

So, frustratingly as it might be, I thought it would be helpful to discuss some ideas on how to counter these thoughts, to give some practical strategies to prevent yourself from giving up on your dreams. That’s what today’s episode of the Financial Harmoney Podcast is all about.

After listening to this episode you’ll know:

  • The 5 things to remember when you feel frustrated about the speed of your journey 
  • Why slow growth can also be an advantage
  • How we tend to overrate the end goal and ways to help you avoid doing so

I’ve also created a really helpful worksheet that will guide you through applying these 5 tips to one of your slow going goals too. You can download it here

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