#33 – Have a Partner Who’s Not Into Financial Planning?

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#33 – Have a Partner Who’s Not Into Financial Planning?


Do you ever disagree with your partner about money? Feel frustration with them about your finances? Or is you partner not really into financial goal setting and planning?

Money and relationships can be a tricky combination. Whether you have strong arguments regularly or just the occasional disagreement, I believe that everybody can benefit from some tips on how to make finances a joint goal instead of something that either just one partner cares about, or something you’ve accepted you can’t talk about together without having an argument. 

That’s why I recorded episode 33 of the Financial Harmoney Podcast, in which I talk about money and relationships and give tips on how to ensure you work together when it comes to financial planning.

After listening to this episode you’ll know:

  • Whether you and your partner are financial allies or financial enemies
  • 3 Practical tips on how to become financially aligned with your partner
  • How it’s easy to interpret a financial dream in completely different ways if you never talk about it together. 

So if you care about your financial life ánd your partner, then give today’s episode a listen and plan out how you’ll incorporate the 3 tips I give on a regular basis!

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