#32 – Side Hustles: 4 Financial Considerations

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#32 – Side Hustles: 4 Financial Considerations


Ever think about starting your own side hustle? Or do you already have a side hustle and now dream about going big and making it your principle source of income

If this is you, then this episode will be an invaluable starting point. I talk about 4 financial aspects to think about before taking the plunge into entrepreneurship. (- I wish I’d known some of these things when I first started as an entrepreneur…!)

After listening to this episode you’ll know:

  • 3 Advantages of having a side hustle. 
  • The 4 things you need to think about with regards to money and side hustles
  • What to do if you some of these 4 considerations don’t look great.

Remember to download the cheat sheet for this episode, so you can instantly apply the 4 considerations to your own side hustle idea(s)!

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