#30 – What is Your Financial Happiness Level?

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#30 – What is Your Financial Happiness Level?


Money can’t buy happiness, right. Or can it? Well I certainly used to believe that I couldn’t. But nowadays I realize it’s not always that simple So whilst I still don’t think that money = happiness, I have become to realize that money can certainly help create conditions that make it far easier to be happy than if those conditions weren’t met.

Having stress because you can’t pay your bills or because you’re drowning in debt certainly doesn’t help if you want to experience more happiness.

And of course, I think most people need more than just money in order to feel happy. BUT money can certainly help making it a little easier to find happiness. 

Maybe you already knew that. Or maybe you don’t agree. (And that’s okay too, I’m just giving you my opinion!)

But regardless of what you believe about money & happiness, in this episode of the Financial Harmoney Podcast I dive further into this topic. So if you’d like to know more about how to experience financial happiness, this episode is for you!

After listening to this episode you’ll know:

  • The 4 key financial ingredients I think are important to find financial happiness.
  • What those 4 key elements would need to look like in order for you to feel happy.
  • Your overall individual happiness level picture, so that you can start working towards achieving it.

If you’re ready to discover your own financial happiness level, then you might also want to download your free worksheet here so you can follow along with the episode and discover your 4 key ingredients to financial happiness.

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