#26 – How to Aim for More if Nobody Around You Does

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#26 – How to Aim for More if Nobody Around You Does


Way back when, when I first became interested in personal finance, I very much felt on my own. I did’t know many people who were open about money, who were happy to speak about financial dreams or who were excited about the possibility of dreaming bigger. 

There was even a time when I felt ready to start investing in the stock market, but I didn’t feel comfortable telling anybody about this. Investing was for rich people after all, wasn’t it? And wasn’t I just going to lose all the money I put into it? 

Self-doubt and inexperience meant that I didn’t feel ready to face critical comments, so I decided to keep things to myself for a long time. 

But that felt lonely. I felt bad and guilty for wanting to upgrade my lifestyle. For wanting more. For dreaming about a house with a huge garden. For feeling excited about the prospect of making more money. And that made me doubt my journey. And it just wasn’t as much fun to be doing this all on my own.

If you ever feel lonely, or guilty about your dream or insecure about how to move forward because of other people’s opinions or (probably well-meant) comments, then I’ve got just the podcast episode for you. I speak about my own experience and I give you tips on how to deal with this and keep moving forward.

After listening to this episode you’ll know:

  • That it’s okay to not always share everything with everybody if you’re still unsure  
  • My 7 tips on how to keep going even if others around you aren’t “getting it” or don’t “dream big”.
  • How getting started anyway will help you shift your mindset

Make sure to also get your free cheat sheet with the 7 tips here.  – This will help you stay on track, even if you feel “alone”.

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