#25 – When Should I Get Serious About Personal Finance?

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#25 – When Should I Get Serious About Personal Finance?


Sometimes I look back at my personal finance journey and wish that somebody had told me to get serious about my money a LOT earlier. But as much as I’d like to fantasize about how much money and financial security I could have had, there is really no point dwelling on this, as it won’t help me in any way. 

As the saying goes: The best time to start was yesterday. Failing that, the second best option is to start today. 

So if you ever feel behind, or feel it’s too late now, I encourage you to get started anyway. Your future self will be immensely grateful for it. 

In this episode I look at when you should start getting serious about money and I answer the question of how much money you need in order to get started. (Spoiler alert: start now! Don’t wait another day. Time is the most powerful factor when it comes to building wealth). 

I also highlight different options to use your money in order to create financial freedom: by saving, contributing to a retirement account, investing in the stock market, paying off debt, giving to charity and by investing in yourself.

After listening to this episode you’ll know:

  • How much money you might save or create by using different strategies.
  • 4 ways you can capitalize on the power of time, even if you’re starting “late”.
  • 4 Tips to get started straight away.

As this episode is packed with tips and information, I’ve put a summary sheet together that you can grab here for free, so you won’t miss out on all the good stuff. – You definitely don’t want to miss out on this free resource!

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