#24 – My 5 Habits to go from Financial Chaos to Financial Freedom

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#24 – My 5 Habits to go from Financial Chaos to Financial Freedom


Let me ask you a question: Do you ever feel that you have no idea how to move from financial chaos to financial organization? To a state where you know you have systems and habits in place that help you create financial freedom. That build your financial dream life, one step at a time? 

Before I started off on my journey to financial independence – now more than 5 years ago – I had no clue where to start or even what I really wanted. But I did have clear the things that I didn’t want anymore. The frustration, feeling I wasn’t progressing. The worry about my financial future. The sense I was worth less than others, as even in my own company I couldn’t draw a wage that truly reflected my input. The overwhelm when it came to making sense of investing. 

If this sounds like you and if you’d love to move away from experiencing the chaos and the lack of clarity every single day, then you definitely want to tune into this episode, as I describe my own journey AND give you my 5 crucial habits that I implemented – and still swear by now! – to help me go from disorganization to dream life creation.

In this episode you’ll find out:

  • The 5 habits you can put into place today to make the transition from chaos to freedom.
  • How to use tiger time to buckle down on your dream.
  • How to set REAL financial goals, (that don’t actually focus on money…!) 

Give it a listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.  

And to help you implement these 5 habits, you can download the free cheat sheet to get you started.

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