#23 – Track These 3 Things Monthly

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#23 - 3 Things to Track Monthly


It took me a LONG time to work out a system that helped me move forward and actually set realistic goals on my way to finding more financial harmon(e)y and becoming more strategic with my money. 

After lots of trial and error, I now know that there are 3 things that for me are KEY to stay on top of every single month. They help me review my progress and keep me on track and they are hugely motivating when it comes to working towards my financial dreams. 

In today’s episode I share these 3 things with you. As said, I highly recommend you keep track of them every month. Once you get going, they are easy to stay on top of and don’t require much time to update from one month to the next. But they offer a tremendous insight into your finances. 

After listening to this episode you’ll know:

  • What 3 things I recommend you track monthly
  • The advantages of tracking these metrics regularly 
  • How to get started with each one

If you’re ready to start tracking your progress and hitting your financial goals, then go check out this episode now. 

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