#18 – How to Create More Happiness and Joy

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#18 - How to Create More Happiness and Joy


Imagine waking up every single day with the energy and passion to get started with the day. No more snoozing or dragging yourself out of bed, but a feeling of excitement about the day ahead and to get started with whatever you’ve got on that day.

Sounds like a utopia? 

If that’s the case, I’d like to encourage you to check out today’s episode of the Financial Harmoney Podcast, where I talk about ways to incorporate more joy and fun in your life. As isn’t that what we’re all after? To live a happy, fullfilling and good life? 

One of the best ways to create more happiness is by seeking out more fun, incorporating more moments when you can experience joy, excitement, passion or a sense of “being in your flow”. 

As a financial mentor I am all in favour of creating more moments of joy. Without it, the big financial goals you set become much harder: you forget about the journey and  focus on just the end goal. But it’s so important to enjoy the journey. Most of our time is spent on the journey and not on the end goal. As when we reach a goal, we’ll just set ourselves a new one. The happier you are now the more likely you’ll be to continue to strive for that big goal.

In today’s episode I discuss four strategies to seek more joy in your life:

  • identify what gives you energy
  • know what you love at work
  • look for happiness inside yourself, don’t wait for others to “make you happy”
  • define your dream life and take a step towards it every day.

If you would love to have more fun in your life and create more happiness, then you definitely want to check out this episode and download the accompanying worksheet to implement more moments of happiness in your life. 

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