#17 – What is Your Definition of Success?

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#17 - What is Your Definition of Success?


What is success? Have you ever wondered about the definition of success? Or more specifically: what success means to you? Do you have a clear picture of what a successful person looks like? And does this picture of success differ depending on who you’re thinking about? Have you every allowed yourself to define the meaning of success for YOU?

In this episode I invite you to think about your definition of success and redefine success for you, so that it becomes a live, personalised concept that you yourself can shape to whatever you’d want it to mean.

And where most people also have negative associations with success (such as: people who are successful always work 60+ hours, they have no time for their family or they live an unhealthy lifestyle), I’d like you to challenge those ideas and stop taking for granted that success requires sacrifices or unhappiness. Because that wouldn’t exactly be success then, would it? 

Apart from the general concept of success, I also discuss:

  • financial success,
  • career success,
  • family success,
  • success in terms of your health,
  • success with regards to your physical environment,
  • ánd relationship success.

If you’re ready to discover what your own road to succes looks like, make sure to check out today’s episode AND it’s corresponding worksheet, with all the prompts you need to guide you to your own outline of success. Once you’ve done that, you can use it as a fabulous jumping board to laying out your path to a happier and more successful life.

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