#16 – The Power of Self-Love in Creating More Wealth

How are self-love and becoming wealthy, setting yourself big financial goals and seeking more happiness and fulfillment connected? In this episode of the Financial Harmoney Podcast I discuss why self-love has an important role to play on our way to creating more wealth. In fact, I’ve come to understand that without practicing self-love consciously, reaching your financial goals can become very hard! 

You need to love yourself in order to ALLOW yourself to dream big. 

Self love is also needed in order to BELIEVE that you’re going to be able to create that dream life. 

I also discuss 5 ways can you love yourself, including:

  • Speak kind words to yourself. 
  • Use your emotions to discover your dreams.
  • Manifest wealthy habits.
  • Follow your passions.
  • Find happiness inside of yourself.

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