The Definitive Roadmap to Achieving Your Financial Dreams

Learn to Master Your Money Like a Personal Finance Pro

A comprehensive, practical and very useful book. It both explains personal finance topics AND provides an action plan for what to do, the latter is something I love. The step by step approach to improving one s finances is a refreshing alternative to the (unrealistic) "get rich quick" approach that many finance books endorse. I haven t implemented all the steps yet but the ones i have at the very least have made me understand my own financial situation better and in many cases i have already seen small improvements in my finances which I am confident will increment with time. I would recommend this book to anyway seeking an achievable way to improving their personal finances.
Douglas Haines
100 Steps to Financial Independence
100 Steps to Financial Independence tackles complex topics with grace and crystalline clarity. I've never considered myself a technical or savvy finance person but I was thoroughly engaged in the 100 Steps from page one to the very end. Inge Nathalie Hol has structured this reference book in such a way that anyone can grasp the knowledge within and take the journey to financial freedom with her step-by-step instruction. How refreshing to find an approach to this thorny topic from a place of joyful exploration!
Heidi Dorr
100 Steps to Financial Independence