Join me on my 30 Days Challenge for October 2021!

I’m challenging myself for 30 days to do something that scares me, but that I want to try out and see whether I should do more often: Instagram Lives

 For the whole month of October I’m going to go Live on Instagram, Monday – Friday with a quick tip or activity that you can complete in 5 minutes a day. The aim? Gain a better overview of your financial situation ánd start taking small action steps towards improving your financial life and future.

 Want to join me? Here’s what you can do:

  • sign up below to stay accountable – you’ll also get the 30 day challenge overview sent to your inbox just before the challenge starts.
  • join me on Instagram at 10 CET / 9 BST Monday to Friday or watch the replay if this time doesn’t work for you and aim to complete that day’s task at some point throughout the day.
  • if you don’t really want to complete my challenge but do like the idea of setting yourself a challenge for October, then commit to trying something for 30 days (or just Monday – Friday like I’m doing) and see what it brings you. What really is a month? 

I hope you join me inside the October challenge, whether that following my tips and tasks or setting yourself your own challenge.

We got this!

Sign up below and make October count!